Hey, I'm Namito 👋🏼

Senior Software Engineer based in Huntsville, Alabama. I love serving users by creating accessible, minimalistic, and pixel perfect user interface!
Looking for new opportunities!
At Venminder, I have been leading the front-end development of a web application generating 60% of company revenue. I love my experience so far here as I've been trusted with the freedom to explore new libraries and create prototypes.Before Venminder, I spent 2 years developing a highly complex public safety web product at Hexagon. Working on this team was one of my favorite experiences due to it's advancement in the codebase. We had a micro-frontend architecture where over 40 npm packages were communicating with each other without a circular dependency which then is consumed by the root repository to serve the main site.Prior to Hexagon, I worked as an intern with 2 different companies: threeDays and Trips4Trade. At threeDays, I was able to learn the basics of creating static websites. This internship helped me understand the importance of managing a clean codebase. At Trips4Trade however, I learned a new set of tools with using WordPress. I gained experience pushing changes up to different environments, refactoring existing databases, as well as using third-party plugins.
Graduation picture
Since I enjoy learning, I spend my spare time taking online courses to sharpen my skills as a developer:I have a degree from the University of Alabama in Computer Science with a Mathematics minor. Some of my favorite courses were:I cherish my 4 years of college experience as I've grown tremendously as a person. I even got to gain professional experience through extracurricular activities: